Custom Product List Selection Menus

Two (2) custom lists can be created for each individual item to allow customer item option selection(s) from drop down menu(s) on the product details page on the store.  To create or manage custom lists for an item, click on the ‘Custom Lists’ tab on the Product Manager interface.


Custom lists should be used for item-specific options that will not be used on other products.  Common custom lists scenarios are ‘Yes/No’ questions about a customer’s item preference such as “Attend Awards Dinner” on event registrations.

Note: Many product option setups can be solved with the global features such as sizes, colors, materials or personalization features. Use the ‘Download & Ship’ feature to create a list selection menu for items that can either be downloaded or downloaded and shipped.

The steps to create a custom list  are…

  • Select either User-Defined List-Menu Option 1 or 2 to create or edit a list.
  • After the ‘User Defined List Menu Option #X’ page loads, enter the name of the custom list in the Option#X field. This will be what the user will see as the “label” of the custom list on the item details page.
  • Click the ‘Set Option X Info’ button.
  • After the page reloads, a new link will appear that reads ‘ Click Here To Add Choices For This Custom Option’. … Click this new link to open the option list values pop-up window. (If the pop-window does not open, make sure pop-up blocker software is not enabled for your administration site.)
  • When the ‘User-Defined Option Selection Choice’ popup windows appears, enter the name for the 1st list option (selection) and if an additional fee will be added to the price of the item if the customer selects that option. If you enter an additional fee for the selection, you may want to add it to the name of the option such as : My Custom Option (+$5.00)
  • Click on the 'Add Option' Info To Save The ChangesRepeat the steps above to add all the list menu selections (choices) for this custom list

After creating the custom list, view the new list on the item’s details page to verify that it is setup correctly. Also, add the item to the shopping cart to verify that the list option is shown in the shopping cart display. If the option column is not visible, it can be turned on under the shopping cart configuration manager.

If you want to disable a custom list, simple remove the Option #X Name field value and then click ‘Set Option X Info’ . If there is no value in the Option X name field, the list will be automatically disabled.

Custom list selections on item purchases will be displayed on the shopping cart, the order confirmation email and the order details page in the admin and my account order history.