Managing Orders Through The Web-Based Admin

When an order is completed on the website (online store) , it will be instantly visible in the Orders Manager in the web-based admin.

Orders can be searched, marked as completed, refunded, canceled, or deleted through the web-based Order Management System.

An order will be marked as ‘Pending’ (open) if it contains at least one (1) shippable item

Orders that contain only downloadable items, events or service-only items will be automatically marked as completed (closed) when the order is submitted by the customer.

The store administrator(s) can receive a notification of new orders by adding their email to the BCC field of the order confirmation email profile.

Pending orders can be marked as completed (closed) in the web-based admin and the admin can choose to send an automatic shipment notification email to the customer.

Orders can be exported from the admin for use in external systems.