Setup Overview


Site Store Pro is the most powerful Dreamweaver-based shopping cart system available and can be easily applied to virtually any website design. 

Site Store Pro is “setup” by modifying the sample store pages to match your website design and then by using the web-based administration system to add products, configure the general store settings and enable/disable specific ecommerce features on the website. Site Store Pro (Site Store Pro) is separated into three unique entities:

The Store-Front Files

The Site Store Pro storefront files , which include the main store page, product search & results pages, item details page, shopping cart display pages, customer registration page, order checkout  pages and the “My Account” area,  are built with a designer-friendly combination of database driven content, CSS formatting, and Dreamweaver Template (.dwt) integration. Page layout and formatting are not restricted when applying an existing website design to the Site Store Pro storefront files.

The Web-Based Administration System

eCommerce features such as products configuration, customers and orders management, payment provider(s) setup, shipping preferences, store email messages content and discounts are controlled through the Site Store Pro web-based admin system. 

The Store Database

Site Store Pro is “powered” by a MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server back-end database. The Site Store Pro database stores all of the store
categories, product information, customer data, order history, store configuration settings and usage stats.