Adding Products Through The Web-Based Admin

Adding products is where the store administrator will spend the most time when configuring their online store.


Products are added to your online store through the web-based admin system. All Product features are controlled through the web-based admin and do not require accessing the website files.

“Products” include items that will be shipped, items that will be downloaded, items that will be downloaded and/or shipped, items that will be processed as event registrations and items that will be processed as service-only items.

Before adding items to your online store you will need to add at least (1) Brand and (1) Main Category to the web-based admin system.

After adding an item to the store through the web-based admin system, you must upload a picture and set ‘image to appear in the search results’ and then mark the item as ACTIVE before the item will be viewable on the store.

By default, At least (1) image is required for each item since the item will be represented with a “thumbnail” version of the primary picture in the shopping cart display, tell-a-friend email message and order confirmation email message.

If you will not be using pictures for your items, you can either upload a small, blank (white) “place-holder” picture for the required picture upload or contact support to have the required picture upload feature disabled.


The following elements are required for every item in the online store

1) Brand (Manufacturer) Association

2) Main Category Association

3) Item Title

4) Short Description of Item

5) Long Description of Item

6) Retail Price

7) Wholesale Price

8) Item Picture Uploaded & Image Set To Appear In Search Results


Click here for screen shot and instructions on accessing the “ADD PRODUCT” screen in the admin.